Cento Training


Cento has been working closely with the Specialist Access Engineering & Maintenance Association (SAEMA) to raise the standard of cradle operative training. Cento Training offers comprehensive training packages encompassing fresh and clear ways of communication and making it accessible on site - to further the insurance of safety and workflow.

Through experience, feedback, learning and excellent project management we aim to get work completed on time, effectively and most importantly – safely.

Cento Training aims to develop clear outlines for duty holders’ responsibilities and systems operator use. In addition Cento Training aims to support the duty holder in developing rescue plans and logbooks to ensure standards and safety are maintained. Investing in training of our staff, providing quality products and giving good service allows our clients to trust in the system we provide.

CITB industry specific training & development of Cento Training

Barry Murphy, Managing Director of Cento Group, is the immediate past chairman of our Industry Federation SAEMA. Part of his role has been to develop new standards and regulations as well as improving the image of the industry and develop the skills within it. A large part of this has been developing training courses alongside the CITB to provide specific training for our industry. Cento Ltd set out to develop a training course alongside the CITB. This course is known as “Testing & Inspection Suspended Access Equipment – Permanent” and has been incredibly successful in developing skills across the entire industry. In 2015 the Cento Group unveiled Cento Training that offers the following services to our clients and the industry.

End User Training

Cento Training is leading the way in end user training for façade access equipment providing measurable and comprehensive courses. We have established the training department to promote the safe use, management and understanding of this type of equipment. To aid the client we provide the following services as part of Cento Training:


Covering all aspects of responsibilities as the duty holder of the equipment in relation to current regulations and standards as well as covering all necessary processes and procedures when using the equipment.


An extension of duty holder responsibilities, the nominated person(s) will be given practical training on how to descend the equipment in an emergency as well as being given an overview of such a responsibility.


Cento Training offers a comprehensive training day: we provide a questions paper and presentation on how to use the equipment safely in relation to current legislation and standards. Cento Training issue a card to the trainee operative which will act as a reassurance to the client of their competence.

Note: this is not site-specific. Further, site-specific training will be required for the practical use of the equipment, systems or and machine.

A database of sites will be maintained by Cento Training for each operative undertaking training.

Cento Training offer a site-specific, practical demonstration training session. Operatives will be able to learn how to use specific equipment on site and understand the full functions and limits of the equipment in conjunction with their theory training.


Cento Training can assist you in developing the necessary folders and documentation that is essential to be kept in accordance with current legislation and regulations. We can create this for you with personalised templates and folders as required by your company. We can then review this on annual basis to assist with auditing procedures.


Cento Training can assist you in the development of the site-specific rescue plan in accordance with current legislation and regulations. We can review this annually with you to ensure it remains valid and up to date.


Cento Training can provide Working at Height & Harness Awareness training to ensure that all operatives and duty holders have full competence when carrying out their duties.


Cento Training can provide a full harness kit and other associated PPE to ensure that a good standard of PPE is maintained and that it is suitable in conjunction with the work being carried out. In addition we can schedule PPE inspections carried out by Cento Training to continue the safe method of working as required by current legislation.



The aim of this training is to provide guidance to the Duty Holder’s and highlight their responsibilities.  It should also help Duty Holders to understand better what is required of operators. 

  • Key Personnel
  • Health & Safety at Work Act
  • Regulations & Standards
  • Duty Holder
  • Incident Pictures
  • Managing your BMU
  • Communication
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Pre-Checks
  • BMU Controls
  • Maintenance, Inspection, Testing & Thorough Examinations
  • Breakdowns / Malfunctions
  • Fault Finding
  • Accessing the BMU winch housing
  • Emergency Descent Procedure
  • Emergency Descent Reporting
  • Completion of Work
  • Signing out Procedure
  • Further information

In addition to the above Cento are also able to offer the following where necessary:

  • Harness Training
  • Working at Height
  • IPAF
  • Emergency Evacuation


The principal aim of this training is to provide guidance to operators of Suspended Access Equipment (SAE) on how they can carry out their work in a safe, structured and orderly manner.  Operator Training theory session will consist of the following topics: 

  • Aims & Objectives
  • Definitions
  • Regulations and Standards
  • Health and Safety
  • Duty Holders Responsibilities
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Reporting to site
  • Communications
  • Pre-Use Checks
  • Entering & Exiting Cradle
  • BMU Controls
  • Safe use of Suspended Access Equipment
  • Rope Inspection
  • Breakdown / Malfunctions
  • Fault Finding
  • Emergencies
  • Completion of Work
  • Signing out Procedure
  • Further Information

After the following topics have been presented the operatives will take part in a short question and answer paper followed by a practical session to finish.