Manntech Complete World’s Biggest BMU Project

Central Market Project:

In 2013 Manntech installed BMU systems in Central Market on Abu Dhabi’s tallest building representing the heart of the city.

Project Details:

  • World Wide Biggest BMU project
  • The tallest of the three towers is 382m
  • The angle of the roof is 51 degrees

System Details:

  • Whole design time approx. 12 man years
  • Project running time 2.5 years
  • Reach 5m

  • 2.5m cradle with 240Kg safe working load

  • GRU capacity 800Kg

  • Rack and pinion track system

  • 120 individual track pieces for each Tower with a tolerance of ±1mm

  • Individual weight 1.5tons per piece

  • Total track weight 180tons per tower

  • Integrated turntable for parking

  • Shunt car for parking

Pre-Delivery: Fully operational test rig built for pre-commissioning at the Manntech factory