A Healthier, Happier Cento

Our survey said...

Here at Cento we take the mental and physical well being of our staff very seriously, and we want to continue to adapt based on the needs that our team has. We decided to do a survey for the staff which was based on advice from the charity Mind and the British Heart Foundation; asking questions relating to employees exercise routines, diet habits and mental health.

The results were quite eye opening! We decided to make some changes to the office environment and have a different well being focus to encourage good habits.

We revamped and redecorated the staff room, and we created The Marketplace. Between 7:30 and 8:00 am staff can come in and help themselves to something to eat for breakfast from our healthy selection, and there are healthy snacks like fruit and nuts to help themselves to throughout the day. We've asked staff to bring in games, puzzles and colouring books so they can unwind and clear their heads on a lunchtime ready for an afternoon of work. There are healthy recipes chosen each week and displayed, and different activities like a walking challenge and games leader board for those with a competitive streak!

The updates seem to be a hit and we will continue to come up with new ideas, including how to make positive changes to our Engineers' habits so that while they are out and about they are looking after their well being - even when the environment can make it tricky!