And So It Begins

Cento Engineering Group Ltd are proud to announce that this year will see the launch of the largest BMU replacement project in the UK to date. Lloyd’s of London have selected Cento to be principal contractor and complete a three year replacement and refurbishment project of all 18 BMU systems at their iconic Grade 1 listed building in central London. 

The most ambitious BMU project in the UK to date

The most ambitious BMU project in the UK to date

Lloyd’s of London commissioned Richard Rogers to develop this building in 1978, and he created a completely unique design for the insurance institution. The building has a central rectangular space which is surrounded by three main towers and three smaller service towers, and all the facilities such as lifts, staircases and water pipes are located externally on the building, so as to capitalize on the inside space.

The building was awarded Grade 1 listed status in December 2011, the youngest building ever to achieve this accolade. The reasons for it achieving this listing are based on the building’s architectural innovation, flexibility of the design, it’s value as part of the group of buildings that surround it in the heart of London, it’s timelessness and finally it’s celebrated design. Historic England state that Lloyd’s is “one of the best known and admired modern commercial buildings in the country, with international renown that cast the image of the City of London in a new light.”

The nature of the Lloyd’s building is what makes the BMU replacement project so challenging and ambitious, and Cento are so excited to have been awarded this prestigious contract. The project will be split into five phases; including overhauling the internal atrium system, replacing all the external BMUs, and LG3 thorough examination of the track system and reviewing the access routes. Cento will work with specialist subcontractors to tackle the complex logistics of the project and will be based on site for the duration of the three years.

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